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An Asian Australian YouTuber was recently subjected to racist insults while covering an exclusive boat show in Sydney.

John Lee, who shares fishing videos on his YouTube channel JYL Fishing TV, uploaded footage of the harassment he allegedly endured at the Sydney International Boat Show in Cockle Bay.

In the clip Lee published on Aug. 1, he can be seen trying to scan a QR code with his phone at a stall when another attendee suddenly grabs his fishing rod and asks, “What bait are you using?”

After Lee answers, “’I don’t know,” the man replies with a racial slur: “Is sum ting wong?”

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Lee calls the man out for being racist, but the latter doubles down with another jab: “Aren’t you Aussie? Throw a shrimp on the barbie, mate.”

A woman who was with the man, who Lee claimed laughed at the man’s joke, says, “Matt, please shut up,” before later grabbing him and pulling him away.

Lee tried to follow but the woman blocks his path and tells him to back off.

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As the couple walk away, the man continues with his verbal abuse. At one point, he even yells back, “You f*cking loved it!”

Lee and his friend eventually return to the stalls, where a woman at the front desk apologizes for the pair’s behavior.

Shortly after, security staff approach Lee’s group and tell them that the woman from earlier had filed a complaint and requested that they be removed from the premises, claiming to be the owner of the stall where the altercation took place.

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Lee and his friend explain to the guards what happened, letting them know that they recorded the entire incident. The guards side with Lee and decide not to kick him and his group out.

In the caption of his video, Lee wrote: “I probably could have handled the situation more calmly, but I lost it when he pinched me as the bloke was somewhat forced to walk off by the lady.”

“My intention of this video of the incident after thinking through it thoroughly is to create awareness of casual racism and how often it happens,” he added.

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In a follow-up video, Lee revealed that the man pinched him as he was being pulled away by the woman, turning the verbal exchange into a physical one.

Lee noted that he decided to blur the faces of the people involved in the altercation because his intention was not to shame them but to “call out racism and just get the awareness out there.”


Featured Image via JYL Fishing TV

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