Five days until two key deadlines to claim checks up to $800 – see if you qualify for cash back –

A FEW states have until February 15 to apply for a refund check worth up to $800.

Many of the refunds are a one-time payment, but you have to meet certain requirements to qualify.


Three states have until February 15 to file their tax returns

States including North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida got an extension deadline to file their tax returns.

The original deadline was in October 2022.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will also waive usual fees and requests for copies of previously filed tax returns for affected taxpayers.

South Carolina residents can apply for both tax relief from Hurricane Ian and rebate applications.

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Florida experienced one of the worst hurricanes in history last September.

Due to the tragedies the state faced, the IRS extended the deadline to file individual and business tax returns, too.

The new deadline is on February 15, and individuals and households affected by the hurricane that reside or have a business anywhere in Florida qualify for tax relief. 

People who had a valid extension to file their 2021 return on October 17, 2022, will now have until Wednesday to file them.

In addition, North Carolinians who were affected by Hurricane Ian also have until February 15 to file various individual and business tax returns.

Individuals and households who reside or have a business anywhere in North Carolina also qualify to continue to apply.

The original deadline was on September 28, 2022, but the IRS postponed certain tax-filing and tax-payment deadlines for taxpayers until next week.

The same applies to South Carolina as the state was also hit by Hurricane Ian last year.

South Carolina taxpayers have until February 15 to file their 2021 Individual Income Tax return.

This will impact people who are waiting on a tax rebate.


The state of South Carolina has its own rebates.

Senator Josh Kimbrell differentiates the two payments.

He said the rebate is to be returned for those who earned it back: “This is the money of the people, we’re returning money back to the folks that worked and earned it.”

The deadline has also been extended to next Wednesday.

Anyone who filed taxes in 2021, with a taxable South Carolina income is eligible for the rebate. 

For people who have tax liabilities under $800, the rebate will equal that tax liability number.

However, if your tax liability is equal to or over $800, the rebate will still be $800.

You should expect your rebate to be deposited into the same bank account where you received your 2021 refund by March 2023 if you apple before the new deadline.

Taxpayers can also track their payments online by using South Carolina’s Check My Rebate Status tool.


Millions of taxpayers have received checks worth up to $4,555 since this week,

Nearly 200,000 checks worth $450 have been mailed out since January 30, and it will continue to go out every week.

One payment is coming from Social Security benefits while the other is coming from Maine’s Energy Relief program.

The first round of 5,000 checks was sent out last week, and the Maine Revenue Services has sent out 200,000 since February 5.

It will continue to go out weekly until the end of March.

Learn what the full schedule for each Social Security program.

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Plus, check out our live blog for more on all things Social Security and the COLA increase.

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