I don’t wear a bra – people tell me to ‘stop’ going without, I could but why would I want to – PaintBallBeam.com

IT MAY have been considered an essential part of a woman’s wardrobe for centuries, but not anymore.

A growing trend suggests the breast appendage that is the bra could be changing.


TikToker Alex May is going bra-freeCredit: TikTok
But critics don't agree with her choice to go bra-free


But critics don’t agree with her choice to go bra-freeCredit: TikTok

A TikToker is the latest to ditch hers, but she has her critics.

Regardless, Alex May (@alex.may_) is reveling in her bra-free status.

She doesn’t care what the naysayers think about this growing trend.

They are way behind the curve and not keeping abreast of trends as far as she is concerned.

Rita Ora goes braless in thong underwear in barely-there outfit
I have big boobs and love going braless - I found a near-perfect top

As Alex demonstrates, chest support is not considered a vital item in the underwear department anymore.

A younger generation is leaving their C-cups in the lingerie drawer – and they may stay there for a while longer.

Alex is feeling liberated and hits back in her video

Freckled-nosed, and with long fair hair, she wears a striped shoestring vest top and loose trousers – and no bra in sight.

“When they tell me to stop going braless,” she captions her video with a cheeky grin.

Her fans love her stance.

“I support that,” said one follower.

While another rounded up with: “Please don’t stop.”

No bra for this TikToker


No bra for this TikTokerCredit: TikTok
She's unlikely to change her position


She’s unlikely to change her positionCredit: TikTok

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