I flew to Turkey to get a BBL & the recovery was hard – people think I’m risking my life, but I’ve done my research – PaintBallBeam.com

A BEAUTY fan has shared her Brazilian Butt Lift journey, which has left people concerned for her health.

Despite being dubbed the most dangerous plastic surgery in the world, the notorious Brazilian Butt Lift is still as popular as ever.


The young claimed to have done research before booking the surgeryCredit: Tiktok/@tconroy085
Tiffany revealed it cost her just a little under £4k


Tiffany revealed it cost her just a little under £4kCredit: Tiktok/@tconroy085

Each year sees thousands of beauty lovers willing to risk their lives for a perkier bum and a smaller waist – but with one in 3,000 procedures resulting in death, the hourglass shape comes at a high price.

The dark statistics, however, wasn’t enough to put off one woman, Tiffany Conroy, from Ireland.

After saving up enough cash, the make-up artist jetted off to Turkey, sharing the journey with her 4.4k fans on TikTok.

To make sure she was prepared, Tiffany did a lot of research and packed her bags accordingly.

Amongst the items she took with herself were heaps of pads, female urinals so she wouldn’t have to sit down to urinate, packs of painkillers, as well as comfortable bras.

Once the operation was over, the young woman revealed she had bruised – but the new snatched waist and hips were worth the hard recovery.

But despite appearing to be happy with her new body, Tiffany was met with criticism online.

”I can’t imagine risking my life for a bbl but each to there [their] own,” one person wrote.

Someone else agreed, wondering: ”Isn’t this 1 of the most dangerous operations.”

After being slammed for risking her life to go under the knife, the beauty enthusiast hit back and explained her reasons for choosing BBL.

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”I’ve wanted this surgery for years and years, what I was insecure about would have never been fixed by the gym.

”I researched my surgeon and hospital […] carefully,” she said, adding that the medical professional has never had any deaths.

But unlike Tiffany who seems to be more confident with her new curves, one woman insisted she regrets her BBL.

Sharing her story on TikTok, Nicole Amelia (@therealnicolita_), from New Jersey, the US, explained why she wished she could go back in time.

Back in high school, the bartender said in her video, Nicole used to ooze with confidence.

”I was only 115lbs but my skinniness didn’t matter to me.”

However, at some point people around Nicole started pointing out her natural built as a flaw, which ultimately affected her self-esteem.

”My best friend’s dad used to tell me I looked like a 12-year-old boy because of how skinny I was. That used to really bother me.”

The mean comments didn’t stop there – one of Nicole’s first love interests in college would make fun of her petite figure and to make matters worse, he’d like photos of girls who were more curvy.

By the next few years, Nicole grew insecure about how she looked and started working out at the gym.

”And that was great – it helped me out a lot, I gained a lot of weight.”

But although things were looking up, a bad break-up with her then-boyfriend changed everything and Nicole suddenly found herself getting a BBL.

”I paid a lot of money and went through a lot of pain because of how I thought society wanted to see me and because I felt so insecure based on the things that happened to me in my life.

”I won’t lie – I looked great. But honestly, beauty fades so it’s best to find confidence from within,” she reminded her thousands of followers.

”It’s fine if you want a few nips and tucks here and there – but just make sure you’re doing it for yourself and no one else.”

Hearing Nicole’s story, social media users flocked to comments where they thanked her for being so open and honest about her experience.

One wrote: ”A grown man should never comment on a young girl’s body, I’m so glad you found confidence within yourself!!”

Another penned: ”I had no problem with my looks either until ppl pointed out my *flaws*.”

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”Sounds like my story to the T. I’ve wanted a bbl but never had the money.

”I needed to hear this,” a third saw the video just in time.

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