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BIRTH announcements are meant to spark joy and celebration.

When one family welcomed their twin girls, they ignited confusion and disdain from online trolls who called the babies’ names “cringe.”


A new mom and dad were trolled on Reddit over their birth announcementCredit: Getty
In a comment on Facebook, a parent of the twins revealed the 'cringe' names


In a comment on Facebook, a parent of the twins revealed the ‘cringe’ namesCredit: Facebook

A Reddit user shared the baby names in a trolling forum, NameNerdCircleJerk.

The poster shared a screenshot of the twins’ proud mom or dad sharing their joy in a Facebook group.

“Congrats! What are their names?” another Facebook user had asked under a picture of the twins.

The babies’ parent responded, “Braddock and Faleena!”

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On Reddit, horrified commenters shared their reasons for disliking the set of baby names.

Some said the names were “cringe” or outwardly hoped the parents were joking.

“Felina is an established name, but that spelling pains me,” one user said.

Another person wrote, “I’m a seventh-grade teacher, and I predict that Faleena is gonna be called ‘fellatio’ by the boys.”

Someone else argued, “Fail-eena is already an insult without needing to change it.”

One commenter had misinterpreted the accompanying photo at first glance.

Instead of seeing babies obscured by blankets, they saw a shoe and a slipper the parents jokingly “named.”

“Braddock actually sounds like a good footwear brand,” a Reddit user wrote in response.

There was some debate over which name was “worse.”

“Well, clearly Mom already has a favorite,” a coy critic said.

“No, no,” another Reddit user dismissed. “She hates them both equally.”

A stumped commenter was “not even sure which one” was worse.

“At least Braddock has a normal nickname,” they offered, hoping that baby Brad wouldn’t get teased too much.

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