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THE power of a coupon should never be underestimated, particularly at one American pharmacy chain.

A CVS shopper managed to get $33 worth of products from a store in Texas while just spending $2 out of pocket.


One CVS shopper managed to get $33 of products from the chain while spending just $2 out of pocketCredit: Getty
Melyssa shared exactly how she did it in a recent TikTok


Melyssa shared exactly how she did it in a recent TikTokCredit: TikTok/couponing4beginners

Melyssa, who goes by couponing4beginners on TikTok, broke down exactly how she got the discounts in one of her recent videos.

She managed to do all this using only digital coupons on the CVS app.


Melyssa got a bottle of Sally Hanson-brand nail hardener normally priced at $4.19 for $1.19 with a $3 off coupon.

Next, she added a 50-count pack of CVS brand pantyliners to her cart. They normally cost $3.19, but Melyssa had a $3 off coupon.

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After that, she used a $3 off coupon to get a $2.99 bottle of CVS brand baby oil for free.

The TikToker also took home two 20-count packages of CVS brand ibuprofen for free with her two $4 off coupons.

Next, Melyssa got a $2.99 collagen mask at no charge with a $3 off coupon and a $4.99 bottle of Pepto Bismol for free with her $5 off coupon.

The shopper also got a serious discount on two bottles of folic acid supplements. They’re normally $4.39 each, but there was a buy one get one free promotion and she had another $4 off coupon.

The TikToker brought home a wide array of cosmetics, toiletries and supplements for mere pocket change


The TikToker brought home a wide array of cosmetics, toiletries and supplements for mere pocket changeCredit: TikTok/couponing4beginners


But in the comments, many said they weren’t having such an easy time getting the sale prices.

“These coupons are not on most accounts,” one TikToker said.

“I’m sorry, it’s impossible for me to know what is on everyone’s account,” Melyssa replied.

“All I can do is share what’s on my account and share my outcome.”


But the TikToker isn’t the only CVS shopper who’s managed to score some serious discounts.

One shopper shared a video where she took home $70 worth of toiletries and groceries from the chain for just $10.

Another showed how easy it is to get discounts at CVS with the chain’s app, which has made old school coupon clipping a thing of the past.

There is also the CVS ExtraCare program which is free to join.

You can sign up online or at a CVS Pharmacy.

You will need to provide an email and phone number.

CVS said there are nearly 75million people who are part of its ExtraCare program.

ExtraCare perks

Members will enjoy exclusive benefits and surprises.

  • You will receive two percent back every time you shop.
  • Birthday treat: You will receive $3 ExtraBucks rewards to put toward your purchase.
  • Weekly deals: Shop with your ExtraCare card to snag weekly ad sale prices.
  • Alerts: you can sign up for emails or text alerts to get personalized offers.
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Soon, CVS could have less competition if fears about the future of its competitor Rite Aid come to fruition.

Walgreens has also been shuttering many of its locations lately.

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