I tried my grandma’s vintage Playboy bunny swimsuit – people say she had good taste and it fits me perfectly – PaintBallBeam.com

THERE’S a good reason our grandparents hold onto vintage clothes for decades – they know they’ll come back in style.

When one woman tried on her grandmother’s vintage swimsuit, fans were floored by the flattering silhouette.


Brooklynn Sokolosky was shocked when she wore her grandma’s swimsuitCredit: TikTok / xx_bumblebee
The vintage Playboy one-piece fit her perfectly


The vintage Playboy one-piece fit her perfectlyCredit: TikTok / xx_bumblebee

Next time Brooklynn Sokolosky (@xx_bumblebee) needs an outfit, she’ll probably raid her grandma’s closet for more perfect looks.

As viewers pointed out, Sokolosky, 19, must have a similar build to her grandmother since the retro clothes fit her flawlessly.

In a video, Sokolosky modeled a vintage swimsuit she’d borrowed from her gran.

The beach-ready ensemble was a one-piece, and it was dripping with retro glam.

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Diagonal black-and-white stripes crisscrossed Sokolosky’s torso in a flattering pattern.

A closer look revealed the white portions of the bathing suit were dotted with tiny Playboy bunny logos.

In the comment sections, Sokolosky’s viewers were envious, impressed, or a mixture of both feelings.

“Bruh,” one person wrote, “I wish I had fashionable family members.”

One man was so enamored with the ensemble, he flirted with Sokolosky, saying she was just his type.

Other commenters wanted to see pictures of Sokolosky’s grandma wearing the swimsuit.

Commenters praised Sokolosky and her stylish grandmother


Commenters praised Sokolosky and her stylish grandmotherCredit: TikTok / xx_bumblebee

Unfortunately, she didn’t report finding any Polaroids tucked away with the clothes.

“Why does it fit you perfect?” asked one confused commenter.

Sokolosky didn’t have an answer, but plenty of people had pressing questions.

“Why does your grandma have such good taste?” demanded another.

Sokolosky confessed she was just as amazed, writing, “For real though!” in response.

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