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A MUM who was banned from her son’s school after her racy OnlyFans snaps were leaked to parents has slammed the invasion of her privacy.

Victoria Triece, 31, is suing Sand Lake Elementary School in Orange County, Florida – claiming they violated her rights to free speech and privacy.


Victoria Triece was banned from volunteering at her son’s school after her OnlyFans pictures were sent to parentsCredit: Instagram/@victoriasnooks
The mum-of-two said she was left 'devastated' by the ban


The mum-of-two said she was left ‘devastated’ by the banCredit: Instagram/@victoriasnooks
Victoria is now suing the school in Florida


Victoria is now suing the school in FloridaCredit: Instagram/@victoriasnooks

The mum-of-two said she was barred from volunteering at the school in October 2021 after a board member shared her OnlyFans photos with staff.

A parent then sent a “concerned” email to the school and she was pulled aside by the head teacher when she arrived at the school one day to help out in her son’s class.

Victoria had been volunteering at the school for five years, including organising class parties and helping with lab assignments.

The outraged mum said she still has “no answers” after she was slapped with the ban nearly two years ago.

Victoria told Paint Ball Beam Online: “It was more than a shock. It was devastating, heartbreaking.

“Just possibly one of the worst things that’s ever happened to me.

“I have revolved my life around being able to be a part of my children’s lives. I wanted to be involved and go to everything at school and be there as much as possible.”

Victoria – who describes herself as a “devoted mum” – said volunteering in her son’s class was the “joy in her life”.

She insisted she never dressed inappropriately and turned up to school wearing extra large shirts and a pair of jeans.

“I knew when I became a mum that it was so important for me to be involved in their school life – be there for everything, be there for every field trip,” she said.

“My biggest joy was ripped from me.

“OnlyFans is a legal job I’m doing. It’s really sad this is actually happening.”

The mum said her two boys have been left “very upset” by the situation.

Although she said she’s still allowed to go on school trips with her kids, she’s banned from entering classrooms on the school grounds.

“I was involved in every school moment up until that day,” she explained.

“It doesn’t make sense to me. They have no reason to do this. They really don’t.

“What anybody does in their private life is their private life.

“It is nobody else’s place to judge or have a say in what somebody else is doing.”

Victoria said she filed the lawsuit as she doesn’t want to see another mother or father go through the same situation.

“No child deserves to be told that they can’t have their parent around if they’ve done nothing wrong,” she said.

“No parent deserves to be told that they can’t be a huge part of their child’s life.”

Her attorney Mark NeJame told the Daily Mail the board was behaving like “morality police“.

“If a teacher or a parent was having an adulterous relationship, many would consider that to be far less moral,” he said.

“Does that mean that parents and teachers who have violated their marriage vows shouldn’t be around children, is that immoral?”

The lawyer claimed Victoria knows of other OnlyFans parents in the county.

The mum created her account two years before being slapped with the ban.

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She had promoted it on her public Twitter page.

The amount of the suit was not specified, but Victoria has previously said she would seek $1 million in damages.

The mum created her account two years before being slapped with the ban


The mum created her account two years before being slapped with the banCredit: Instagram/@victoriasnooks
Victoria insisted she never dressed inappropriately at school


Victoria insisted she never dressed inappropriately at schoolCredit: Joey P Photo

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