I’m a barista and can’t stand the way some customers order their drinks – it’s so rude & we all mock you when you leave – PaintBallBeam.com

A BARRISTA revealed the annoying thing customers do which makes everyone so mad.

If you’ve ever gone to order a quick coffee and snack on your way to work, you might want to make sure you leave enough time for a bit of small talk.


Cesar revealed what rude thing customers do everydayCredit: TikTok/bebe_quiche
He wasn't the only worker who didn't like being ignored


He wasn’t the only worker who didn’t like being ignoredCredit: TikTok/bebe_quiche

Posting on TikTok Cesar Andalon (@bebe_quiche) made a skint mocking customers who come across as rude.

In the clip the customer walks up to the counter to order, but when the barista greets them and ask how they are the customer blanks them and places their order without even saying hello or please.

“Ooook, I’m doing well, thank you for asking,” he says sarcastically.

He captioned the post: “POV: you don’t see restaurant employees as people.”

According to the worker these type of customers aren’t a one off and come in “literally everyday.”

And it’s not just Cesar who hates customers not making any time to say hello before launching into their order.

It turns out it annoys other workers too and they could relate the Cesar’s struggle.

One commented on Cesar’s post: “I repeat ‘how are you’ and they get so annoyed.”

And a second wrote: “Customers are so mean sometimes!

“I don’t want their life story but a simple ‘hi’ and acknowledgment that I’m a person isn’t asking too much.”

But not everyone thought the lack of conversation was such a bad thing and some workers ever confessed to preferring it,

“Personally I’d like to get straight into it, we can skip the ‘how was your day’ because that always throws me.”

And another said: “I hate being asked how I’m doing. Just order, most likely I’m not doing ok!”

“I know for a fact that employees gossip about customers, I’m always straight to the point,” someone else said.

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