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A CHILDCARE expert has revealed the simple technique to get your little ones to listen to you.

Laura Amies has been working in childcare for 22 years, and in that time has picked up a few techniques that can also help parents.


The childcare expert revealed the simple technique to get your kids to listen to you just in time for the summer holidaysCredit: TikTok/@nannyamies

In a TikTok video, the expert revealed the simple technique she uses to get young children to listen to her and to avoid tantrums.

She revealed: “One Two Three You or Me is a technique that I use when a child is struggling to toe the line.”

And luckily for parents Laura has shared it just in time for the summer holidays.

It’s best used when your child isn’t listening or doing what you are asking of them she explained.

Amie then demonstrates how she would use the technique on a child who isn’t listen.

“I’m going to count to three, when I get to three you can find a home for the remote control or I will,” she reveals.

Count very slowly to give them time to understand and use calm and clear language while giving them instructions.

The expert said that giving them the option to do it themselves or for you to do it will usually result in them wanting to do the task at hand.

The trick is to remain firm in your rules and be consistent with them – while staying calm and understanding.

The idea behind the technique is to start instilling in children how to make good decisions – even if they don’t particularly want to.

Once you’ve used the technique for 14 days, your child will begin to understand the boundary and listen to you each time you use the technique explains Laura.

Parents who watched the video were grateful for the tip and many claimed it worked.

One wrote: “This works so well with our toddler.”

“Oh it works every time. It has led to the I DO IT MYSELF!!!! stage though,” added another parent.

A third commented: “Ok I now need to try this, thank you for the tip.”

Meanwhile, a fourth penned: “Thanks for sharing!”

The technique can stop tantrums in their tracks


The technique can stop tantrums in their tracksCredit: TikTok/@nannyamies

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