I’m a gym girl – a creepy guy would not stop staring at me so I hit back mid-set, people are calling me a ‘Queen’ – PaintBallBeam.com

A GYM girl has clapped back at a man’s creepy advances while working out.

She stopped her hip thrusts mid set to stare down the disrespectful guy.


Anna Kate is a digital content creator and fitness enthusiastCredit: TikTok/akw.fit

Anna Kate (@akw.fit) fought back at the unfair treatment by giving the man a taste of his own medicine.

“This creep would not stop staring and following me around the gym so I gave him a friendly glare,” she said.

The fit woman showed herself doing weighted hip thrusts before stopping abruptly.

She gave a chilling stare to the disrespectful man who creeped her out in the gym.

I’m a gym girl - people say I ‘wear revealing clothes for attention’
I'm a gym girl & men won't stop staring when I work out, I'm not coming back

“You know it’s bad when you literally have to stop mid set,” she added.

The viral video came as a commentary on double standards between the sexes when working out at the gym.

Many viewers of the awkward situation shared their thoughts in the comment section.

“As you should,” one wrote.

“Am I the only one who does this and they continue?” another wrote.

“Sad how some dudes can’t let a girl work out in peace,” a third commented.

Some lauded Kate for her glare, saying she handled the situation well.

“As you should queen,” one supporter said.

“Strong women who stand up for themselves are the absolute best,” another commented. “You do you, Queen.”

“Normalize this as the reaction,” a third commented.

She stared long and hard at a creepy man who would not let her work out in peace


She stared long and hard at a creepy man who would not let her work out in peaceCredit: TikTok/akw.fit

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