I’m a gym girl – people say I ‘wear revealing clothes for attention’ but I just want to motivate myself – PaintBallBeam.com

AN INFLUENCER is insisting she has the right to wear what she likes to the gym.

This TikToker is hitting back at critics who accuse her of wearing revealing clothing when she works out.


TikToker Takaraa.a has been criticized for her gym outfits
She has hit back at her critics


She has hit back at her criticsCredit: TikTok

Gym-toned Takaraa is fed up with accusations that her skimpy gym outfits are to draw attention to herself.

Wrong, wrong, wrong she tells her 208,000 followers.

She is being ironic when she captions her post: “Girls only wear revealing clothing in the gym for attention.”

In her video she is dressed in a regulation sports bra top and tight, mint green gym shorts, and her hair is drawn back in a braid.

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It gets hot and sweaty pumping iron, so shorts and a top are great outfits to stay cool and comfortable.

But there is still the myth that such wardrobe choices are only to attract the male gaze.

Takaraa gives this notion very short shrift: “I wear what I wear for MY motivation,”

Her post has created a ripple with over six thousand liking the point she was pushing home.

It made sense to many of her fans.

“Literally,” was the short response from one viewer,” and an equally brief one from another: “Fact.”

One follower was incredulous: “And it is literally athletic clothing.”

She's not going to change


She’s not going to changeCredit: TikTok

Don’t change said this viewer: “Keep wearing what you want.”

Keep shouting said this fan: “Say it again for the people at the back.”

This comment related wholeheartedly: “I feel like wearing revealing clothes at the gym – it gives me more motivation.”

Finally a direct response. “And please, it’s hot as f*ck in the gym. I don’t know why everyone cares so much.”

Her fans liked what they heard


Her fans liked what they heardCredit: TikTok

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