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A PLUS-SIZE model has shared some tips for her fellow “big girls” looking to get started at the gym.

While the TikTok user admitted beginning to work out can be a daunting task, she said it’s 100 percent worth the trouble.


A plus-size model has shared her tips for getting over anxiety about working outCredit: TikTok @emma.arletta
Emma Arletta said it's a good idea to cover up and take things slow for the first couple of workouts


Emma Arletta said it’s a good idea to cover up and take things slow for the first couple of workoutsCredit: TikTok @emma.arletta

The self-proclaimed “certified big girl,” Emma Arletta shared the pointers in one of her most recent videos.

Many of Arletta’s fans are too scared to even set foot in a gym.

“Trust me, I get it,” the model said in the video. “It’s intimidating to walk into a place that feels like it wasn’t made for you.”

Arletta’s first big tip was to cover up.

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“I don’t feel most comfortable in the gym showing honestly very much skin at all,” she said.

The multitude of mirrors that surround many exercise facilities make Arletta prone to “self-hate talk,” which is something she likes to nip in the bud.

“I don’t think that’s a bad thing,” the model said of her modest outfit choices.

“If wearing something that’s comfortable gets me to the gym, that’s all that matters.”

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For beginners, Arletta said it’s also a good idea to start with the basics.

Aspiring gym rats should pick one cardio machine to use during their early workout sessions.

“Maybe the first time you go to the gym, you literally just walk for 30 minutes,” Arletta said. “But that’s an accomplishment. Being able to get into a gym and onto a machine is a big task.”

This tip is two-fold. Since the treadmills and elliptical devices often face the weight section, Arletta said this is a good tactic to learn how to use those machines through observation.

Her post seems to have inspired some of the model’s followers.

“Tomorrow is my first time going to the gym in probably like eight years,” one commenter said.

“Excited for you!” Arletta replied.

Others shared their own stories of overcoming exercise anxiety.

“I just joined the gym and I literally sat in the parking lot for 30 minutes and was about to say f’ it and go shopping, but I didn’t n worked out!” another commenter said.

“Yesss I’ve done the parking lot wait too!!” Arletta responded.

Another commenter shared their own tip for avoiding the jitters.

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“I have to go either super early in the morning or super late at night because my anxiety gets so bad when there are a lot of people,” they said.

“Yes the time matters!” Arletta replied. “When there’s no machines open it’s like, okay what now?”

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