I’m an NFL Eagles cheerleader going to the Super Bowl – Philly fans propose to me, even Chiefs lovers want to be my date – PaintBallBeam.com

A BEAUTIFUL cheerleader has captured admirers on all teams with her charming looks.

The Eagles supporter even received love from other teams including Chiefs fans.


Jaime Gialloreto is a beautiful blonde cheerleader for the Philadelphia EaglesCredit: TikTok/jaimegialloreto

Former Miss New Jersey, Jaime Gialloreto (@jaimegialloreto), is a cheerleader for the Philadelphia Eagles.

“POV: you’re an NFL cheerleader going to the Super Bowl,” she wrote.

She showed herself on her knees in the football field, cheering and showing off her moves.

The blonde beauty stunned in her cheerleader uniform and looked stoked to be going to the Super Bowl.

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“And as always #GoBirds,” she added.

The confetti-filled TikTok post captured the attention of football fans of virtually every identity.

“Take me with you,” one wrote. “Although I might root for the Chiefs.”

Some admirers even popped the question after seeing her out on the field.

“I am an Eagles fan,” one commented. “Will you marry me?”

Several viewers congratulated Gialloreto on her team’s impressive achievement.

“You’re so pretty have so much fun,” one commented. “Go birds.”

“Yes queen,” another added.

“Yes!!!!!!!!! Go birds!!!! Also you look gorgeous but aren’t you freezing?” a third commented.

“So cute,” yet another fan wrote.

She struck a pose as confetti surrounded her in celebration of going to the Super Bowl


She struck a pose as confetti surrounded her in celebration of going to the Super BowlCredit: TikTok/jaimegialloreto

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