Libra weekly horoscope: What your star sign has in store for February 12 – 18 –


SEPT 23 – OCT 23

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Single?  An arch of red flowers can lead to a romance reveal

Yes, you can pin down money-making ambitions thanks to the moon – and take them all the way to creative solutions. 

The key is to keep believing in you, and what you can do – and focus on future success rather than past mistakes.

In love terms, too, two heads are better than one, so include a partner in all your plans. 

Single?  An arch of red flowers can lead to a romance reveal. 

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DESIRE DAYS: On Tuesday,  you hold love’s trump cards – time to play them! Get plenty sleep on Thursday.   

Friday, check back on a “B” connection.

VALENTINE HOTSPOTS: A travel notice board.  A building with a set of white steps. Music linked to a holiday advert.

LIBRA MARS HEAT: You’re hard to pin down, and you treasure your independence. 

But you also adore the unique mind (and body) connection of love and where it takes you. 

LIBRA VENUS HUGS: Staying still long enough to put in the time with a partner is surprisingly rewarding, as Venus strengthens your wellbeing sector.

PASSION PICKS: Aquarius to match your uninhibited mind, and body, Taurus to treat you to a great time, Scorpio to break all the sex rules with and Leo for endless mutual fascination.

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