Millions of Netflix users alerted over six ‘secret’ hacks – how to unlock them today –

NETFLIX has revealed six “secret” hacks that you can unlock in seconds.

The streaming giant says they’re handy for a perfect Valentine’s Day – but some of them are useful at any time of year.


Netflix has loads of great hacks to enjoy this Valentine’s DayCredit: Netflix

#1 Recommendation ruiners

If you don’t want rom-coms ruining your personalised Netflix recommendations, don’t worry.

It’s possible to delete or hide items from your viewing history after Valentine’s Day.

Just go to your account and then click on your app profile.

Next go to Viewing Activity and then click the hide icon to delete something.

#2 Netflix movie codes

Netflix has genre codes that you can use to find the perfect movie.

You can search for them just like you would a move title.

For instance, you can find all romantic movies by searching with 8883.

And here are some others to try out:

  • Classic romantic movies – 31273
  • Quirky romance – 36103
  • Romantic comedies – 5475
  • Romantic dramas – 1255
  • Romantic favourites – 502675
  • Romantic foreign movies – 7153
  • Romantic independent movies – 9916
  • Steamy romantic movies – 35800

If you find a favourite genre, remember the code.

#3 Netflix games

“Tired of watching other people’s love stories play out?,” Netflix said.

“Try playing your own story with Netflix’s new game ‘Too Hot To Handle: Love Is A Game.

The game lets you “mix and mingle with sexy singles” who are competing for your affection, just like in the hit series.

You can play it by searching for the title.

#4 Maturity ratings

Some Valentine’s Day shows and movies can be pretty steamy, so they might not be a good fit for your house.

Thankfully you can set maturity ratings on profiles for kids, teens and tweens.

Simply go to the profile settings and set a maturity rating.

That means the profile will only display TV shows, movies and games at or below the rating.

It’s also possible to block TV shows or movies from individual profiles.

#5 Netflix fireplace

Another secret hack is cosying up by a fireplace.

And Netflix has its own virtual version if you don’t have the real thing.

Simply search for “fireplace” and enjoy the digital warmth.

#6 Love is in the air

Netflix has curated a special Valentine’s Day Collection.

It’s called Love Is In The Air, and is described as a “one-stop destination of movies and TV shows”.

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You can find it here.

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