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SOME smartphones can feel like they take forever to charge but there’s a new Android device that puts them to shame.

The new New Realme phone can charge from flat to full battery in less than 10 minutes.


The new Realme GT Neo 5 has an impressive batteryCredit: RealMe

An iPhone can take a few hours to charge from zero to 100 percent.

According to GSM Arena, Realme’s GT Neo 5 can fully charge in just 9.5 minutes.

That’s all thanks to its 240W fast charging feature.

It can even reach 20 percent battery in just 80 seconds.

Phones from China are 'crammed with spy tools' – check if your device is on list
People are realizing Android tool stops you from missing important texts

Unfortunately, the speedy phone is only available in China right now.

It’s a mid-range smartphone priced at 3,199 yuan, which is around $472.

The device also has an impressive camera and a pretty cool design.

In less impressive news, Oppo Realme was just slammed in a study that claimed some Chinese Android phones can leak a dangerous amount of user data.

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The study has been published online by computer scientists and names some big Android phone brands.

It states: “China is currently the country with the largest number of Android smartphone users.

“We use a combination of static and dynamic code analysis techniques to study the data transmitted by the preinstalled system apps on Android smartphones from three of the most popular vendors in China.

“We find that an alarming number of preinstalled system, vendor and third-party apps are granted dangerous privileges.”

The study names and shames Android devices made by Xiamoi, OnePlus, and Oppo Realme.

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