Mom is found dead after missing daycare pickup as chilling surveillance footage emerges and ex-boyfriend arrested –

A MOTHER has been found dead in a pool of blood inside her apartment hours after her ex-boyfriend allegedly broke in, chilling surveillance footage reveals.

Daycare workers were on alert when Fatimah Alghazwi failed to pick up her child on Thursday evening – police entered her apartment later that day to make a horrible discovery.


A mother has been found dead in a pool of blood inside her apartment hours after her ex-boyfriend broke in, chilling surveillance footage revealsCredit: KXLY

The ex-boyfriend, Jean Paul Kirkpatrick, 45, has been arrested after it was revealed that he attempted to break into Alghazwi’s Washington home the day before she was discovered dead, police said.

Childcare employees notified Spokane police when Alghazwi never showed and wouldn’t answer their calls, authorities said.

According to police, officials arrived at the apartment at around 7pm and no one would open the door.

They entered to discover a deceased female who was tragically identified as the absent mother.

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A large pool of blood was seen by her head. She also had cuts on her neck and back, local news station KXLY reports.

Chilling security footage obtained by police showed the victim arguing with a man who was later identified as Kirkpatrick just hours prior, court records show.

At around 5pm, the angered ex could be seen arguing with Alghazwi until she went inside the home, according to the video.

He then yelled outside the door and hip checked his way into the apartment.

After a couple of minutes, the suspect was captured leaving the apartment, going into another unit, and then returning, the local outlet reported.

He left again and headed to his car, but this time with a black bag in tow.

A few hours after Alghazwi was found, officials located Kirkpatrick driving down a street.

When he got out at a convenience store, he was taken in without incident.

Detectives took him in for questioning and noted that he appeared to be very inebriated, according to filings obtained by KXLR.

Officials said the suspect claimed that the two had gotten in a fight but that he had no idea that she was injured or killed.

After an initial investigation, police found that Kirkpatrick had 11 prior felony convictions including several theft charges of the first-degree.

In the past month, he was convicted of two misdeameanors and violating a no contact order, officials said in a statement.

The day before the mother was found dead, police responded to a call that reported the suspect pushed his way into her apartment.

Police spoke with her and she told them that he had been knocking and she let him in.

She claimed that she wasn’t assaulted and didn’t wish to press charges, the local outlet reports.

The officer urged her to get a no contact order.

A day later, that same officer discovered her body.

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Kirkpatrick has been booked into the Spokane County Jail for second degree murder.

Officials said this is an ongoing investigation.

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