My mom and I are both ‘gym girls’ – we work out together and people ‘can’t cope’ with how good we look –

NEXT time you’re at your local gym, be on the lookout for this pair of gorgeous women.

At first glance, they may seem like twins – but they’re actually “everybody’s favorite mom and daughter duo.”


Julia Perfetto is a content creator who frequently posts about fitnessCredit: TikTok
She shared snaps of herself at the gym with her beautiful mom in tow


She shared snaps of herself at the gym with her beautiful mom in towCredit: TikTok

Anyone who follows Julia Perfetto (@juliaperfetto) already knows she’s a fitness fanatic who posts regular gym content.

What her fans on TikTok didn’t realize until recently is Perfetto’s athletic disposition is inherited.

In a video, she revealed the source of her strength – and her striking features.

Standing in a wide-open locker room, Perfetto filmed herself in a mirror. Behind her stood a special guest.

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“Brought my mom to the gym to film content with me,” she wrote in the caption.

Newbies to Perfetto’s page might have trouble telling the pair of women apart.

Mom wore a white crop top and pale green bike shorts, with her hair loose around her shoulders.

Perfetto coordinated with her in a white tank top and similar lilac bottoms.

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The biggest differentiator was their hairstyles: though they shared the same shade, Perfetto had her hair pulled back into a ponytail.

As both women adjusted their outfits in the mirror, Perfetto smiled and laughed, happy to be there with her mom.

“You two are the cutest,” a viewer wrote, and dozens more echoed the same sentiment.

Viewers said Perfetto's 'beautiful' mom looked young enough to be her sister


Viewers said Perfetto’s ‘beautiful’ mom looked young enough to be her sisterCredit: TikTok

Commenters said the “two beautiful women” were both blessed to be from such a “good-looking family.”

One viewer christened them “everybody’s favorite mom/daughter duo.”

“You sure that’s not your sister?” another questioned.

“Literally so beautiful, I can’t cope,” a longtime fan admitted.

Commenters paid their respects, with one saying Perfetto’s mom was “such an icon.”

Perfetto knew this better than anyone and immediately agreed, writing, “She really is.”

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