Mystery deepens in Elliot Blair case as autopsy shows blood in hotel room after lawyer died in ‘balcony fall’ –

THE mystery surrounding Elliot Blair’s mysterious death has deepened after his autopsy revealed blood was found in his hotel room.

Mexican authorities have continued to insist the lawyer, who was holidaying to celebrate his first wedding anniversary with his wife, died in an accidental fall from a second-floor balcony.


Elliot Blair mysteriously died while in Mexico with wife Kimberly WilliamsCredit: GoFundMe
The 33-year-old lawyer's autopsy revealed blood was found in his hotel room


The 33-year-old lawyer’s autopsy revealed blood was found in his hotel roomCredit: GoFundMe
The couple were visiting the Las Rocas Resort and Spa in Rosarito Beach to celebrate their first anniversary


The couple were visiting the Las Rocas Resort and Spa in Rosarito Beach to celebrate their first anniversaryCredit: GoFundMe

He had travelled to the Las Rocas Resort and Spa in Rosarito Beach, Mexico, with his partner Kimberly Williams last month.

The 33-year-old, from California, was found dead on January 14, hours after heading out for dinner and dancing.

Investigators in Mexico deemed Elliot’s death the “result of an unfortunate accident,” but his family claim he was murdered.

The Orange County Public defender’s autopsy has now raised more questions after it revealed traces of blood were found in the bathroom.

Elliot Blair's widow breaks silence on claim his death was not accidental
Family vows to find truth after lawyer, 33, dies in Mexico fall

It suggests Elliot had sustained an injury and was bleeding – although the timeline of events remains unclear.

His loved ones say the breakthrough implies he either returned to the room after he was wounded, or he was injured before he left it, the New York Post reported.

Wife Kimberly was sleeping as her husband’s horror death unfolded at the resort they had visited numerous times.

The autopsy, conducted by a coroner in the State of Baja California, Mexico, said “reddish-brown spots” and “splash characteristics” were found in the internal surface of the bathroom wood door.

Similar marks were found by investigators on the walls in the hallway and corridor, as well as on the concrete floor outside the room.

The report deemed Elliot’s puzzling death as an “aggravated homicide”, but Mexican authorities have not budged on their balcony theory.

Case Barnett, an attorney representing Elliot’s family, said: “It’s odd, confusing and we just want answers.

“The report said there was blood in different places but it’s unclear exactly which samples were taken where … and some of the samples came back as animal blood, which is super weird.”

His relatives are desperate to determine how the lawyer’s body ended up bloodied and face down on the resort walkway.

Heartbroken Kimberley continuously argued her husband was not drunk enough to stumble over the balcony after six drinks.

The toxicology report filed in Mexico stated that there was a “considerable” amount of alcohol in his body.

The widow, who is also a public offender, says he was not inebriated when they returned to their hotel room at around 11.45pm.

She told Good Morning America on Thursday: “He was my rock in this world. Without him, I feel like I have nothing.

“I want people to know he’s not some drunk that stumbled off the front ledge of our hotel room.

“I want the world to remember the person he was – his smile, his heart.”

Elliot’s family were prevented from having their own toxicology report as his body had already been embalmed.

Kimberley explained she woke up at around 1.40am to the sound of two voices outside her hotel room and realised her husband was not next to her.

One of the men yelled into the room” “Ma’am, ma’am! Is this your boyfriend?”

She rushed out in her pajamas and horrifically saw Elliot’s lifeless body lying on the ground floor.

The distraught wife said: “I know 1,000 percent know he was murdered because none of this adds up.

“I know my husband and he would never walk outside our room in his underwear and T-shirt.

“The only reason he would be outside of our room only in his underwear is if he heard something or someone came to the door.”

She insisted she could not have transferred his blood to the bathroom accidentally as she did not return to the room.

Elliot’s family are now pressing for a second private autopsy after preliminary findings showed he suffered at least 40 skull fractures and a toe injury.

Their attorney Barnett said there was also evidence of “road rash” on the victim’s knees, suggesting he could’ve been dragged.

“Our goal in all of this is to get answers for Elliot,” Kimberley added.

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“I have no idea who would do this to him, nor his family, and that’s why we are trying to get these answers.

“I know in my heart, and based on the autopsy report and injuries found on him, it doesn’t make sense to be anything else but murder.”

Kimberley claims her husband was murdered and wasn't drunk enough to tumble off the balcony


Kimberley claims her husband was murdered and wasn’t drunk enough to tumble off the balconyCredit: Handout
The devastated widow and Elliot's family want a second private autopsy


The devastated widow and Elliot’s family want a second private autopsyCredit: CBS
Elliot was found face down and bloodied on the resort's walkway on January 14


Elliot was found face down and bloodied on the resort’s walkway on January 14Credit: GoFundMe

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