People are just realizing Android setting stops you from missing very important texts –

SMARTPHONE users have been notified of an Android setting that can help them spot important notifications easier.

Android devices come equipped with a number of settings that help make your smartphone experience better.


Smartphone users have been notified of an Android setting that can help them spot important notifications easierCredit: Getty

One such feature includes “Notification history”, which is available on devices running Android 11 and later.

What is “Notification History”?

It can be easy to miss important notifications on our phones when we are constantly inundated with emails, texts, updates, and alerts.

And like most people, you probably clear out your notifications in an attempt to feel less underwhelmed.

However, thanks to this new setting, now Android users can access any important messages they may have cleared out.

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How does it work?

You can check missed alerts from the past 24 hours by turning on Notification history.

Just head to your Settings > tap Notifications > from the notifications toggle, and tap on Advanced settings.

Once you have done that, navigate to Notification history > and toggle to enable Notification history.

After it’s enabled, tap History in the notification shade to see your past alerts.

This is just one of many handy Android settings that can help to enhance your user experience.

Another helpful tool is Hold for Me, which is available on Google Pixel phones.

This feature waits on hold for you and lets you know through a notification when a representative comes on.

It’s a clever tool for those who hate being put on hold – especially for long periods of time.

To enable this, first, head to the Phone by Google app on your Pixel device.

Open it, then tap the three-dot menu button in the upper-right corner of your screen.

From there, select Settings from the drop-down menu, then Tap on Hold for Me and toggle the Hold for Me switch to on.

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