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MCDONALD’S breakfast lovers were left with a hole in their hearts after the chain did away with its bagel sandwiches – but they are making a comeback.

That’s why many were thrilled when the chain brought the sandwiches back on a limited-time basis in November.


A McDonald’s breakfast favorite reintroduced last year on a limited-time basis is still available in many parts of the USCredit: Getty
The chain's bagel sandwiches come in bacon, sausage and steak varieties


The chain’s bagel sandwiches come in bacon, sausage and steak varietiesCredit: McDonalds

Four months later, the menu item is still available – but it’s only available in several parts of the U.S.

The egg and cheese sandwiches — which also include a serving of bacon, sausage or steak — can still be purchased in Chicago, Washington D.C., New York City and parts of Ohio and New England, Oh My Mag reported.

It’s not clear if or when the sandwiches will be brought back nationwide.

McDonald’s did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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McDonald’s bagels were a big hit when they were first introduced in 1999.

At the time, the chain also had a Spanish omelet version of the sandwich, which included sausage, pepper jack cheese, onions, green peppers and a special breakfast sauce.

The sandwiches were temporarily discontinued in the early days of the pandemic alongside the chain’s all-day breakfast service.

Last January, many were disappointed when McDonald’s announced the item had been permanently removed from the menu alongside the breakfast wrap.

Desperate fans started creating their own copycat recipes.

But as it turned out, the McDonald’s bagel would make its comeback less than a year later.

“I will do unholy things for the steak egg and cheese bagel,” one Reddit commenter said. “A combo meal in the morning and I don’t have to eat lunch and a very light dinner will do.”

But at the time, some Redditors on the East Coast noted that the bagel sandwiches had already been available again for months.


Bagels aren’t the only McDonald’s menu making a comeback.

The chain’s annual Shamrock Shake promotion for St. Patrick’s Day will return on February 20.

That’s when the Oreo Shamrock McFlurry, which adds the beloved minty-green flavor to the classic ice cream treat will come back, as well.

There are other locales in the US that have special McDonald’s items.

One of them is Hawaii, where local favorites like spam musubi, coconut pudding pies and rice are available for purchase.

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