Sky customers are just realising they’re overpaying for Netflix – check your account now –

SKY customers may be missing out on a fantastic saving on their Netflix bill.

Sky’s packages actually include Netflix as standard.


Sky Glass

But some people may be wasting money by continuing with their separate Netflix subscription.

Sky Glass and Sky Stream both offer Netflix as part of your plan.

So if you have an old separate Netflix account, you could save quite a bit by cancelling it now and accessing the platform through Sky instead.

Depending on the package you’re on, you could save at least £5 per month.

Though if you’re paying for Netflix’s Premium tier it could be an even bigger saving of £15.99.

Sky provides Netflix Basic at no extra cost with its subscriptions.

Updating to the Standard plan costs £4 and Premium is £8, so even upgrading gives you a huge saving.

And it’s not just cutting your separate Netflix subscription that could save you money.

Sky also includes Paramount+ and Discovery+.

So if you have a separate subscription to either of those, it’s well worth cutting the cord there as well.

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