Teen Mom critics slam Jenelle Evans for posting new photo ‘shaming’ sick daughter Ensley, 5 – PaintBallBeam.com

JENELLE Evans has been slammed by fans for shaming her sick daughter.

The Teen Mom has been accused of faking illness in the past.


Jenelle Evans shared a selfie taking her daughter to the doctorCredit: Youtube/Jenelle Evans Eason
Fans slammed the Teen Mom for doubting her daughter


Fans slammed the Teen Mom for doubting her daughterCredit: Instagram/j_evans1219

In a since deleted Instagram post, Jenelle, 31, took a selfie while driving her six-year-old to the doctor.

As the child looked down and dejected sitting in the back seat, Jenelle smiled for the camera.

The reality star then shared the snap with the doubting caption: “She told me she’s sick. Idk if she’s lying. Off to the doctor we go.”

But fans in a Reddit chat room came down hard on the mother-of-three for questioning her child.

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Especially when she has been accused of embellishing an illness in the past.

“You fake illnesses all the time for attention,” one fan said. “I wonder where your kid gets it??”

Another added: “Jenelle has a fetish with being sick herself but not her kids (because then she’d actually have to care for them).”

While a third called out: “She pretends to have every illness there is, but her child must be lying about being sick.

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“She is just trash on every level! No mothering instincts at all!”

Others took offense with the fact she would even share a photo of a sick kid.

“How tf did she look at this picture and think it was a good idea to post?” one person commented. “She’s like, ‘duck face and sparkly filter, check. Sad daughter in the background, check. Snarky caption about sad daughter, check. POST IT!'”

Another questioned: “What is with people taking pictures of their sick kids and posting it everywhere. It’s so cringe like ‘aweee you look really sad selfie!'”


In 2021, Jenelle was accused of faking an illnesses after being diagnosed with a rare spinal disorder.

During an Instagram Q&A, she was asked, “Why are you faking being ill?” to which the star immediately hit back: “I’m not.”

Going on to explain her diagnoses, which she received earlier that year, she wrote: “I have a cyst in my sephnoid sinus and a cyst in my spine.”

“Can’t fake that,” Jenelle simply concluded in her short but sharp response, alongside an emoji of a woman shrugging their shoulders.

Jenelle was left “in shock” and feeling “scared” after doctors found a fluid-filled cyst in her spine, diagnosing her with syringomyelia.

Syringomyelia is the development of a cyst within the spinal cord, which causes pain and weakness and in some cases can lead to paralysis.

The symptoms include headaches, pain in the neck, arms and back, loss of reflexes and muscle weakness and wasting.


The Teen Mom 2 alum has been the center of continued backlash over the way she’s raised her three kids.

But last month the TV star finally clapped back at a fan who said she only cares about her youngest, Ensley, and not her sons Jace, 13, and Kaiser, eight.

Jenelle responded to a TikTok comment with a short and sweet rebuttal.

In a video, she laid on her couch in a casual position with a face filter that gave her glittery eyeshadow and a more contoured face.

The comment said: “She’s only good with Ensley because it’s David’s kid, she doesn’t care about Jace or Kaiser.”

Jenelle responded by lipsyncing to a Kourtney Kardashian soundbite while she rolled her eyes.

The sound said: “I just don’t have the energy for this. I am unsubscribing from this drama.”

The comment was in response to a video of Jenelle doing her daughter Ensley’s hair while on their family trip to the mountains.

Ensley wanted pigtails, and then she tried to convince her mom to let her wear makeup.

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Once Jenelle responded to the comment, her fans swooped in to defend her.

One said: “How dare you, she has been fighting for her boys since she got clean!”

Ensley recently celebrated her sixth birhday


Ensley recently celebrated her sixth birhdayCredit: Instagram / @ j_evans1219
She has been accused of faking sickness in the past


She has been accused of faking sickness in the past
She was hospitalized at the end of the year after suffering chest pains and having difficulty breathing


She was hospitalized at the end of the year after suffering chest pains and having difficulty breathing

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