The View’s Joy Behar stumbles while reading teleprompter & coughs as host reveals issue she’s having live on air –

THE View host Joy Behar has stumbled over her words while reading the teleprompter on the live show.

She coughed and revealed an issue she was having to her co-hosts.


Joy Behar stumbled over reading the teleprompter as she ate food on live TVCredit: ABC
She said something that she ate in the sandwich was 'hot' and started to cough


She said something that she ate in the sandwich was ‘hot’ and started to coughCredit: ABC

On Friday’s show, The View panel had a Touchdown Tailgate to celebrate the Super Bowl on Sunday.

The Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs will face off against each other for the win.

The women had shirts on for which team they were rooting for.

About halfway through the show, when it came back from commercial, chef Jeff Mauro demonstrated how to make a carnitas sandwich.

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After he made a sandwich, Joy said: “Ok, Jeff. Thank you. These sandwiches are delicious, but we can’t just sit here stuffing our faces all morning.”

“We really need to have a couple of Hot Topics, for those people who are not cooks, whoever they are.”

She started talking about the new Netflix documentary, Pamela: A Love Story.

When the host got about one sentence in, Joy stopped, cleared her throat, coughed, and said: “Something’s hot in that food.”

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Her co-hosts and the crowd all laughed.

Joy seemed to recover quickly and move on with the story, however.


Back in September, Joy could also be heard clearing her throat and coughing on set.

The attack started early in the episode, as the female panel debated and discussed the latest news of the day.

Shortly after Joy struggled to share her opinion, she could be heard battling a nasty cough in the background as the other ladies covered for her.

The choking persisted intermittently throughout the episode, and was reminiscent of scary scenes in the past, when fans begged the then 79-year-old to get help.

“Can someone PLEASE give Joy a cough drop and some water? The coughing and throat clearing is disgusting!” one fan previously stated.


Joy’s coughing struggle comes after the hosts snapped at her co-host, Alyssa Farah Griffin on live TV.

The View panelists tackled a difficult topic: women facing heat for the way they look as they age.

Madonna recently came under fire for looking unrecognizable during her appearance at the Grammy Awards.

Every co-host shared their thoughts on aging gracefully, as well as Madonna’s reaction to the backlash she received.

However, host Joy took issue with the message Madonna posted to Instagram after the event had concluded.

Joy noted that she didn’t agree with a certain part of the speech.

“Instead of focusing on what I said in my speech, many people chose to only talk about close-up photos of me taken with a long-lens camera that would distort anyone’s face.”

“So, she’s kind of blaming the camera,” she said as she struggled not to burst into laughter.

When asked what Joy thought Madonna should say instead, the co-host had an answer ready.

She replied: “She should say, ‘I’ve had some work done. This is what I like to look like,’ – that’s it.”

Then Alyssa shared her thoughts on aging as a woman.

“It’s just important, like, I’m 33 and I’m already obsessing about aging.”

Joy then viciously snapped in a sarcastic tone: “Oh, shut up!”

She grinned after her playful jab at the younger panelist.

Obviously teasing Alyssa, Joy smiled as her 33-year-old co-host laughed and made a lighthearted “apology.”

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Alyssa made the point that Madonna can afford to have work done, while she had to save for the first time she went under the needle.

The panelists then continued their discussion after Joy’s interruption, sharing further thoughts on the topic.

A guest chef showed them how to make carnitas sandwiches for the big game


A guest chef showed them how to make carnitas sandwiches for the big gameCredit: ABC
The View panel had a Touchdown Tailgate on Friday's show


The View panel had a Touchdown Tailgate on Friday’s showCredit: ABC
Earlier this week, Joy told her co-host, Alyssa Farah Griffin to 'shut up'


Earlier this week, Joy told her co-host, Alyssa Farah Griffin to ‘shut up’Credit: ABC

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