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COLLEGE students across the country have started enjoying a new drink that is said to be hangover-proof.

The drink referred to as a borg- “blackout rage gallon”- is popular on TikTok and quickly went viral in February 2023.


Borgs are often made in gallon jugsCredit: Getty

What is a borg?

Known as a “blackout rage gallon,” borgs are a drink made up of half water, half vodka, a flavor enhancer- such as Crystal Light or MiO Energy- and some powdered electrolytes.

Due to its vague ingredients, the drink is fully customizable and is being hailed by students as a “hangover-proof party staple,” according to NBC News.

The drink is often made in a gallon water jug so drinkers are able to pace themselves throughout the night.

Are borgs safe?

In college, there are often a lot of dangers that come with drinking but according to some experts, borgs might actually help mitigate some of them.

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“When it comes to substance use prevention, harm reduction recognizes that people are going to make their own decisions when it comes to alcohol and other drugs,” Erin Monroe, a “creator who is credentialed in substance use prevention in New York,” told NBC News.

“But there are strategies we can use to reduce some of the risk.”

Because borgs are made by individuals, consumers have “complete control” over what goes in their drinks and are able to pace themselves accordingly, Monroe added.

She later called them a “really solid harm reduction” when paired with things like getting a ride from a trusted designated driver, NBC News notes.

In terms of health, they are also said to be safer because they aren’t a communal drink so the risk of spreading germs and diseases is decreased.

While some might find them a safer option, there are some health experts who disagree.

Borgs went viral on TikTok in 2023


Borgs went viral on TikTok in 2023Credit: Getty

“In my opinion, it actually makes [drinking] more dangerous,” Gus Colangelo, an Emergency Medicine Physician doctor at Tufts Medical Center, told Boston 25 News.

“Rather than having a cup of alcohol and someone saying, finish your beer, you have a gallon jug. Now someone’s saying to you, you got to finish that gallon jug.

“…If you take a fifth of vodka, which is about 16 shots, and pour that into a half a gallon of water with some electrolytes, it doesn’t absolve the fact that you’re still drinking 16 shots of vodka,” he added.

How long have borgs been around?

While borgs might have gone viral in 2023, the earliest borg TikTok videos date back to March 2020, according to NBC News.

It ultimately became popular due to the Covid-19 pandemic because it’s not a communal drink.

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