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THE CATCHY tune has gone viral on TikTok

The whopper whopper song — officially named You Rule — is taking the social media platform by storm.


A TikTok user dancing to the whopper whopper song in a clip posted on January 27, 2023Credit: TikTok/@thetruemaxi

What is the whopper whopper song on TiKTok?

Videos related to the search “whopper whopper song” have amassed more than 770million total views on TikTok.

TikTok users are taking a classic Burger King song and adding their own creative and comedic spins.

Some have used a sped-up version of the jingle, while others have used it to show off their dance moves.

Who is participating in the whopper whopper song trend?

Many TikTok content creators are participating in the whopper whopper song trend.

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In a January 27, 2023 clip that has gained 2.7million views and over 370K likes, user @thetruemaxi jammed out to the viral tune.

In another video shared on January 24, 2023, user @ljhevener2 played the jingle while in the food chain’s drive-thru and garnered 2.3million views and more than 360K likes.

On February 3, 2023, content creator @mike_is_here shared a clip in which he danced to a remix of the song.

He has received 1.8million views and nearly 150K likes.

What is the origin of the whopper whopper song?

While the latest commercial featuring the tune may be new, the origin of the whopper whopper song dates back to the 1970s.

It comes from the classic Have it Your Way advertisement.

As QSR reported, the fast food corporation is undergoing a rebrand with hopes to “attract a younger, diverse customer base.”

Based off the TikTok traffic, it seems the plan is working.

A TikTok content creator playing the whopper whopper song in a Burger King drive-through in a video shared on January 24, 2023


A TikTok content creator playing the whopper whopper song in a Burger King drive-through in a video shared on January 24, 2023Credit: TikTok/@ljhevener2

As the outlet also reported, when speaking about the You Rule campaign, Burger King North America president Tom Curtis said: “It embodies our purpose, embraces individuality, and elevates Have It Your Way—something our brand has always been known for beyond pure product customization.

“As with our entire Reclaim the Flame plan, we worked closely with our Franchisees on this new positioning over the last few months.

“This campaign celebrates our brand equities and delivers on our brand purpose: to relentlessly pursue a better experience for our Guest.” 

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