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LEMON-Lime lovers from all over may have been troubled to find out earlier this year that Sierra Mist was discontinued.

But we have good news from PepsiCo, the creators of Sierra Mist.


Sierra Mist ceased production in January 2023Credit: PepsiCo

Was Sierra Mist discontinued?

Sierra Mist was discontinued as of January 9, 2023.

It ends the run of the beverage that has been in circulation since 1999 and which Pepsi created to compete with Coca-Cola’s Sprite.

But Sprite has long since dominated the market, which led to a need for rebranding and rethinking the taste of Pepsi’s offerings.

This is where their new soda, Starry, comes in.

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What is PepsiCo’s Starry?

PepsiCo wasn’t going to leave the lemon-lime market empty for long.

They decided to phase out Sierra Mist and introduce their brand-new, fresh, bubbly competitor, Starry.

“With Starry, we were able to create a game-changing recipe with the perfect balance of lemon lime flavor and sweetness compared to the competition,” said Danielle Barbaro, vice president of research and development at PepsiCo Beverages North America.

They even have a new slogan that Gen Zs will appreciate: “Starry hits different.”

Starry is PepsiCo's new lemon-lime flavored soft drink


Starry is PepsiCo’s new lemon-lime flavored soft drinkCredit: PepsiCo

Where can I get Starry?

You can find Starry anywhere that Sierra Mist used to be sold.

While all Starry is caffeine-free, there is a sugar-free option in addition to the regular version.

We’re personally excited to give it a whirl since you know how much we love McDonald’s Sprite.

“With one product dominating the category, consumers deserve another option … one that hits different.”

“Starry is bright, optimistic, and rooted in culture and fun,” said Greg Lyons, chief marketing officer at PepsiCo Beverages.

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