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WHEEL of Fortune host Pat Sajak takes a low blow at a contestant after they lose big in the final round.

Pat, 76, taunted Wheel of Fortune competitor Octavia after she couldn’t solve the last puzzle on tonight’s episode.


Wheel Of Fortune host Pat Sajak taunted a devastated contestantCredit: ABC
Pat's brutal jab came after contestant Octavia lost in the final round


Pat’s brutal jab came after contestant Octavia lost in the final roundCredit: ABC

Octavia was hit with a tricky phrase to solve for her last round of the game since she was given “not many” letters to start, making the guess more difficult.

The incomplete phrase that Pat asked the competitor from Thursday’s show to finish came from the category “Thing,” which Octavia chose on the wheel.

He provided her with the letters “T R E,” which were “widespread” across the board; however, she had to add three consonants and a vowel.

Other letters that Pat also selected, but didn’t place on the board, included “S L N.”

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Octavia quickly chose the consonant letters “D, B, H” and the letter “A” for her vowel.

When the show’s co-host Vanna White, 65, plugged in Octavia’s letters on the board, there were still significant gaps, making it hard to decipher the phrase.

Upon realizing that she might be unable to crack the puzzle, she whined: “No.”

Attempting to encourage her and calm her apparent nervousness, Pat championed: “You can do this,” as the timer got closer to buzzing.

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“Talk it out; you have ten seconds…good luck,” Pat cheered.

Unfortunately, she didn’t make the buzzer and get the answer correct.

The missed phrase was “Autographed Copy.”

Pat added a shady remark to Octavia’s moment of disappointment though he admitted that the phrase was a “tough one” to come up with.

“I thought you might be able to come up with autograph…wasn’t gonna happen, was it?”


Shadiness is Pat’s forte, just as much as hosting is.

In October,  Pat shaded a contestant for missing what fans deemed a “brutally easy” puzzle.

Keke made an incredible selection, but Pat didn’t let her down gently.

The Los Angeles-based caregiver landed on an “Express $1000” card mid-game on the wheel.

This meant she’d get $1000 per correct letter in the puzzle but would go bankrupt if she missed one.

“Are you gonna do this, Keke?” Pat asked her, explaining: “There are no vowels left, if you miss a letter it will be a bankrupt.”

“Let’s do it!” Keke responded as she then confidently and correctly picked an “F,” and three “L’s.”

The board had just one letter missing in “Savor That Local Flavor” – only the “C” in “Local.”

“So you have one more letter you can call for $1000 bucks, which one would you like?” Pat encouraged as he seemed sure she’d get it.

Keke shockingly chose a “Y” – she seemed to think the solve was “Savor the Loyal Flavor” and didn’t realize “Y” was a vowel.

After Pat declared her incorrect and her $6K disapeared, Keke’s mistake dawned on her too late, she put up a hand and exclaimed “oh no!”

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Instead of comforting her, however, Pat simply shot her way: “Yeah, you have no money.”

He then moved on, and Keke simply looked so sad without any positive words from the host.

The word that Octavia missed was 'Autographed Copy'


The word that Octavia missed was ‘Autographed Copy’Credit: ABC
Pat told her that he thought she'd solve the 'Autographed' part


Pat told her that he thought she’d solve the ‘Autographed’ partCredit: Not known, clear with picture desk
Octavia lost out on the $40,000 prize because she didn't solve the puzzle


Octavia lost out on the $40,000 prize because she didn’t solve the puzzleCredit: ABC

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