Widow of lawyer Elliot Blair who mysteriously died at Mexican resort breaks silence on claim death was not accidental – PaintBallBeam.com

WIDOW Kimberly Williams has spoken out about the mysterious death of her husband Elliot Blair.

Last month, the pair went to the Las Rocas Resort and Spa in Rosarito Beach to celebrate their first wedding anniversary.

On January, 14, Elliot, 33, from California died from an alleged fall from the third floor of the resort.


The public defender died from an alleged fall from his hotel room balconyCredit: GoFundMe
Kimberly described Elliot as her "rock in this world"


Kimberly described Elliot as her “rock in this world”Credit: GoFundMe
The pair regularly visited the resort in Mexico


The pair regularly visited the resort in MexicoCredit: GoFundMe

While authorities in Mexico have said it was the “result of an unfortunate accident”, the family claim it was murder.

Kimberly who was asleep at the time, detailed her shock and sadness at his death on Good Morning America on Thursday.

“He was my rock in this world…without him, I feel like I have nothing,” she said.

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She added that the couple had just purchased their “dream home and planned to have children together”.

The toxicology report filed with the State Attorney General’s Office of Baja California states that there was a “considerable” amount of blood in his body.

However, Williams who is also a public defender, and her attorney Case Barnett, believe that his injuries prove he was attacked.

The grief-stricken widow also noted that her husband was not so drunk he would fall over a balcony after having five or six drinks over the course of six hours that evening.

The family were prevented from having their own toxicology report as Elliot’s body had already been embalmed.

Dr Rami Hashish is a biomechanics and injury expert who is advising the family and noted that there is little “evidence to point to the fact that it was an accident”.

He added: “I think it’s relatively clear the injury pattern[s] just simply don’t add up with one another.

“There’s bruising marks on the body. There’s indications of potentially being dragged on the front of the body.

“There’s fractures to the back of the skull.”

Barnett said that the autopsy results prove Elliot was murdered.

He added that Kimberly and her family are desperate and “need answers so they can really start moving on”.

While authorities discussed the possibility of a fall or even a suicide with Kimberly, she insists “someone did this to him”.

“I just know it’s not an accident. I want to do everything we can to figure out what happened in that 45-minute, hour time span,” she said.

The resort was a favourite of the couple who stayed numerous times and always requested the same room.

Williams concluded her interview, honouring her husband saying: “I don’t want him to be forgotten.

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“I want people to know he’s not some drunk that stumbled off the front ledge of our hotel room.

“I want the world to remember the person he was – his smile, his heart.”

People who knew Elliot claimed he was never "sloppy" when he had alcohol


People who knew Elliot claimed he was never “sloppy” when he had alcoholCredit: GoFundMe
The pair were celebrating their first wedding anniversary


The pair were celebrating their first wedding anniversaryCredit: GoFundMe

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