You have the eyes of a hawk if you can spot this sneaky lizard lurking on a branch – can you see past the camouflage? –

ONLY those who have eyes like a hawk might be able to pick out a lizard hanging out on a tree.

The colorful little reptile was spotted by a photographer in Nosy Be, Madagascar.


Can you spot the lizard hiding on this tree?Credit: Getty

The tree, which has bark covered in lichen, may look as though nothing peculiar is going on, but a closer gaze should reveal the lizard.

Eyes can be seen at the top right side of the picture, with the rest of the lizard’s slender body moving downward toward the tree’s base.

Kate Marshall, a member of the University of Cambridge’s Department of Zoology, said that research suggests lizards use this camouflage to avoid predators — specifically birds, per

This conclusion came after a group of experts found that lizards will quickly match to a color of rock that they are resting on in defense.

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“This strongly suggests that lizards rest on backgrounds that heighten their own camouflage to reduce the risk of being attacked by birds, and that individual behaviors have an important role in enhancing camouflage across different microhabitats,” Marshall explained.

There are also at least 10 well-known kinds of lizards in Madagascar.

They include Day Geckos, Satanic Leaf-Tailed Geckos, The Parsons Chameleon, the Panther Chameleon, and several others, per Reptiles Cove.

However, officials in the country say that there are 210 species in total.

Per the photo’s caption, this lizard was a “High casqued chameleon (Chamaeleo hoehnelii).”

Given their ability to blend in with the environment, it’s likely that you won’t be able to spot them all.


Although spotting more lizards might be difficult, viewers may have luck with spotting some other wild animals in a few optical illusions.

As The U.S. Sun previously reported, leopards native to India can be incredibly difficult to spot as they hunt for food.

A photograph taken of one of the big cats by photographer Sudhir Shivaram stumped many viewers.

The rocky terrain made the leopard hard to pinpoint, and only those with the eyes of a hawk could spot it.

Sudhir said: “The place is really popular with leopards because of its rocky terrain.

“The leopard had come out of its den and was resting.”

Another photo also went viral for hiding a snow leopard, and seeing it within five seconds may mean you have excellent vision.

The big cat blended perfectly in the snowy mountains.

“Some snow leopards cover themselves in snow for a near-perfect camouflage like this one,” read the photo’s caption.

Even more dangerously, one photographer managed to spot and avoid a venomous Copperhead snake hiding amongst leaves in South Ayrshire, Scotland.

“The reason why you need to watch every step you take when out in the woods,” the post’s author captioned the photo.

The image left users scratching their heads — can you see it?

For more optical illusions, check out The U.S. Sun’s story on how you may have the eyes of a hawk if you can spot this heart-shaped berry within 3 seconds.

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